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The MoEmbassy Mission

The MoEmbassy Mission

We are cultivating a transitionally sustainable Human Culture by exploring the cultures of humanity, implementing sacred human ways, and crafting nourishing experiences with home in mind.

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The Motropolis Project

Connecting and intertwining individual’s stories into a tapestry of Humanity, Motropolis is our decentralized home that cares for it’s Mo. Motropolis was first conceived in 2010 after a three week adventure to Burning Man with artists and adventurers from eight different countries on a 60′ articulated MoBus. As we settled our Mobus onto our MoFarm post Burning Man, the remaining Mo dreamed of an inclusive transitional culture and society of Humanity, organically grown to have it’s own seat in the U.N. Since then, Motropolis’ experiences and endeavors have been a cause and influence of it’s fair share of cultural expansion in Austin, from collective living, supporting sustainable, activist and artistic endeavors, to waving the banner of cooperative endeavors in the civic arena. Hosting dozens of international travelers on our various properties throughout our time has spread our stories across the world, while many our local people have become influential beings of their effort and ways.
In a constant state of flux, Motropolis is made from human stories, dreams and experiences.

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The Motropolis Project

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