The PentaMaze of Mo

The Ambassador invites you to enter the world of
“The PentaMaze of Mo”
To be built at Burning Man 2018, this maze is crafted
to reflect this years theme of I, Robot. Here Motropolis
explores sacred, in a world where robots are a reality.
Enter and interact with its respected inhabitants
or interact with our sacred robotic altars to earn
Chaotic Cosmos Cards which can grant you treasures, opportunities
or quests to seek out our collaborators throughout Burning Man.
Enter the maze’s core, the Peopulpit, designed to be
a Sanctuary of Human Discourse. MoLegends also
speak of a portal to a virtual dimension within.

Here on this page, we grant you the opportunity to be a part of this grand adventure as we vie for the prestigious 2018 Burning Man Honorarium.


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Message from the Ambassador

The current grant process ends and must be submitted by

Jan 16th at 7pm cst

I need your help to make this dream a reality.

We are poised to receive $20,000 and tickets for priority crew

After six years of taking artists and adventurers to Burning Man,

this time may very well be the first time we are funded.

“The PentaMaze of Mo” is art that will be showcased worldwide.

In Addition,

The Chaotic Cosmos Cards, MoRoadtrip, the Peopulpit,

are all methods of creating a new kind of cross camp/cultural

experience in this new age of mainstream attention.

This experience will take us places all around the world

as we interact with fellow burners,

to create new ties that were previously non-existent, in fun ways.

Please join me in this journey

Show your support and lets make some MoMagic!

Thank you.


                                                                       -Your Ambassador

PentaMaze Components and Needs

As a priority I ask for assistance with architectural and artistic drawings. Also any assistance with Web Presence, Graphic Design, Finance Planning, LNT Plan and Grant Writing are all appreciated.


This is the material I have chosen to use for the flower of life floor lighting.

It is programmable, evenly distributes lighting via effects throughout.

It eliminates the need for lighting throughout maze and can handle wear and tear.

Here I currently need assistance with Designing the Lighting System and Power Generation

The Core

This is a rough sketch of the Peopulpit, the core of the maze.

The design of the support system is currently in flux.

Here I need assistance with Engineering and Design.

Outer and Maze Walls

As for the walls of the maze I have chosen to make them from this material Fence Privacy Screen

It’s mesh allows for airflow to lessen the stress from wind, and it is the perfect canvas for painting sacred circuitry throughout

For the walls, I currently need assistance with Engineering how to best stand the walls up in high winds.


For shade structure I have chosen this white camo netting material.

This lightwight material is breathable provides much needed shade.

It can be ziptied together to increase area and reflect the colored lighting of the neon flex light.

For the shade, I need assistance with Engineering how to best erect this shade structure.

Stay tuned and keep visiting for more updates!