The SA City Fair

The 2018 SA City Fair is an interactive multi-day showcase of local cultures, endeavors and achievements during our Tricentennial. By publishing and gamifying relevant content we incentivize active participation, learning and connections within our city as individuals, part of a larger organism.

The Heart of the San Antonio City Fair is the weekend long fair. The grounds are divvied up into 3 major sections:

The SA Stage

Curated expression that highlights the differing presences that form the SA scene, morning mass yoga, engaging presentations, music, spoken word, a talent show, culminating award show and dance.

The SA Fairgrounds

This is where individuals and collectives have opportunity to make their presence, purpose and personality known. We denote different categories of exhibitions, such as SA public service, SA creative, SA neighbors, et cetera. Part carnival, part market, part networking conference we bring in Exhibitors who are a function of the city or who represent a unique aspect of SA, such as our local bicycle scene or body paint artists. We qualify exhibitions by asking all, including vendors to focus on the people they are and the message they wish to share by creating an inviting space that is not initially focused on the service or product itself. An example is playing cornhole with local firefighters while wearing their uniform, promoting a fun personable space where we can relate to exhibitors and receive their message on that level.

The SA Civic Circle

Designated as space for the PentaMaze of Mo, we include a schedule, community board, a pleasant space for communing with each other, etc. It is the space for community conversation, collaboration and to personally engage while informing SACF participants of it happenings.


If the Heart of the San Antonio City Fair is the fair the life blood that flows through that heart is the collective conversations of the Citizenry as facilitated by the MoEmbassy and the Ambassador. Throughout the year of San Antonio’s 300 anniversary 2018, the Ambassador will weave a content continuum consisting primarily of Culture Crafting, Civic Engagement, Practical Sustainability and Ecstatic Experience. This takes the form of the MetaGame “Chaotic Cosmos Cards” an initiative of the Ambassador. By gamifying crafted content that engages citizens to sustainably cooperate to complete quests and acquire rare content and resources, we create ecstatic experiences that inspire new cultures and ways of being citizens. These cards are crafted in collaboration with potential exhibitors who inherently are the celebrities of San Antonio.

The Ambassador having spent 3 years re-familiarizing and evolving with his hometown of San Antonio after a decade of life away in Austin, Tx, has enmeshed his personal endeavor with the culture of San Antonio having the unique perspective of being a esoteric experimental cultural anthropologist. The CCC or Creative Cosmos Cards is the culmination of his theoretical Cultural Currency in which the value of content is created by the “Celebrity of Culture”. We meet and weave our stories together with the thread of experience, in that, we find beauty in synchronistic design. These cards commemorate, celebrate and communicate the wonder, beauty and nourishing in the everyday worlds of those around us.

The San Antonio City Fair is the heart that beats and circulates the stream of blood of interactions, communications and collaborations between Fair Exhibitors, Content Producers and the Ambassador of Motropolis. The CCC will be created, distributed, distributed in collaborations with the community with links to content, information and documentation by the individual producers. Sample walk-through, The Ambassador upon word of an The “Beyond the Canvas World Body Paint Competition” prepares relevant artistic cards will link to a repository that holds photos and video of the event after it is over. People will receive or be rewarded said cards at the event, dependent on the content of the experience itself and will be able to distribute those photos and videos as the owner of the card. This mechanic further perpetuates the culture of the event and collective maximizing of the potential of the experience. A special limited set of Creative Cosmos Cards will be created for the SA City Fair creating a refined microcosom of chaotic experiences (adventures) throughout the event.